about us

Everything started in 2005. There was a group of guys – all Silesia, Poland natives – who treat music as a remedy for everyday life and its pains; guys who have suffered irreperable damage thanks to their fascination with rock…Our music is a blend of melodic heavy rock  with additions, ideas and arrangements characteristic for progressive rock and progressive metal. It can safely be stated that the band’s style oscillates between progrock and contemporary progmetal music, abounding with various additions in spite of a relatively compact lineup. There are some sound experiments to be found here, as well as lots of melodies and dynamics; the band also uses synthesizer parts to add a little softness to the edges of the naturally heavy sound. Be sure to pay  regular visits to band social media.


Janusz Rymar:  voc
Marcin Trela: gtr
Przemek Skrzypiec: bass, sample, synth
Marcin Lipski: drums & percussion